New Novia pricing live in Analyser

written by Terry Huddart

Monday, 03 July 2023

You might remember that Novia introduced a new charging structure this year.

The first phase was rolled out in January and applied to firms with over £10m in assets on the platform.

This saw the number of standard charging tiers go from five to three, with the charge for the lower tiers going from a starting rate of 0.5% to 0.3%.

The second phase has now kicked in for firms with less than £10m on the platform, with effect from 1 July. The charges for this group are slightly more expensive at 0.35% for the first £500k of client assets.

The latest price change has now been updated in Analyser, so all the due diligences exercises you run (and the accompanying heatmaps) from this point on will have the new pricing factored in.

Changes like this mark a good opportunity to do a quick refresh of your due diligence, run a pricing comparison, or see how any preferential terms your firm has secured with Novia stack up against the new standard pricing.

For a recap on what's changed, check out our previous blog on Novia's new pricing here